How accurate are the Train PNR status predictions and what is the best way to check it.

Your PNR number, which is printed in the upper-left corner of your train ticket, can be used to quickly check the IRCTC PNR status of your train tickets on Zoop. To check the status of your PNR, just enter the 10-digit PNR number above and press “CHECK PNR STATUS.”.

Online Train PNR Status checking is made easy with the highly regarded Zoop App for train food and railway inquiries.


Passenger Name Record, or PNR, is a 10-digit number generated by the Indian Railways that includes all of the passenger’s travel information, including train name and number, coach or berth number, source station, destination station, total distance in kilometers, and fare information. Additionally, it indicates whether the ticket is in a waiting, confirm, or RAC status.

PNR Current Status Enquiry via Zoop.

Travelers can stay informed by the Check PNR Status option of their IRCTC PNR online thanks to the integration of the PNR status enquiry service into the Zoop mobile app.

Simply enter your 10-digit PNR number in the search box above and click the “CHECK PNR STATUS” button to view your PNR status.

The most accurate information regarding the PNR status of your ticket is given by the Zoop App, which displays the live PNR status prediction on your mobile device.

What is Included in the PNR Number?

On the top-left corner of the train ticket, there is a printout of the PNR number. Taking a virtual tour of the ticketing components reveals that the PNR number is the main determinant of the status of the trip. Your attempt to PNR live check on a mobile device will specify the information listed below.

Coach and Seat Information:

Verifying the Train PNR status of your 10-digit PNR will instantly confirm the coach and seat information. Due to the extreme rush on the train, there will be no seat or coach number if the ticket is in

RAC status or on the waitlist.

When a passenger enters his PNR information for an enquiry, if the status is not confirm, it will display information about either a reservation against cancellation (RAC) or a waitlist.

Information on Ticket Upgrading:

There are chances that tickets will be upgraded. The PNR number does not change when upgrading a ticket. However, the seating is upgrade to the next traveling class, e. g. the passenger will accommodate in the Third AC class if the ticket is upgrade while the seating is in sleeper class.

Berth Number and Details:

It provides the precise seat number and Train Coach Position, such as S1 43, A3 24, and HA1 20, among others. Sleeper Coach 1 and Berth 43 are indicate by the code S1.

Source and Destination Station:

Both the source station and the destination station are required for boarding the train; the destination station is also the last station before arriving at the final destination.

Travel Time:

The total amount of time spent traveling.

Fare information:

The total cost of the reservation.

Passenger information:

Includes name, age, and gender.

How to check the status of a PNR.

You have five options for checking the Train PNR Status of your train.

Through the website, you can check PNR Status online.

mobile application.

inquiry desks for trains.

Tables of reservations.

charts that affixes to the wall next to the coach door.

PNR Status Inquiry via Website.


Visit https://www. visit

Navigate to “PNR Status.”.

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