Importing Apples to India: Navigating the Hurdles and Maximizing the Benefits

India is a rapidly growing market for fresh fruits, and apples are one of the most popular choices among Indian consumers. If you’re looking to expand your business and tap into this lucrative market, importing apples to India could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Apples are a widely consumed fruit globally, and India is one of the leading importers of apples. The country imports apples from different countries such as Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and Chile, to meet the rising demand of Indian consumers.

Benefits of importing apples from Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and Chile:

Importing apples from these countries comes with several benefits, such as:


India has a different harvesting season than these countries, and importing apples from these countries ensures a year-round supply of apples.


These countries grow different types of apples that are not grown in India, providing Indian consumers with a variety of options.


Apples from these countries are grown under optimal conditions, using advanced technology, and meet international quality standards.


Importing apples from these countries can sometimes be cheaper than producing them locally, especially during the off-season.

Importing apples from these countries also comes with several challenges, such as:

Transportation:  Apples are perishable, and transportation can be a significant challenge. The long distances and transit times can affect the quality and freshness of the apples.

Customs and regulations:

Importing apples from these countries involves complying with various customs and regulations, which can be a lengthy and complicated process.

Currency fluctuations:  

Importing apples from different countries can be subject to currency fluctuations, which can affect the pricing and profitability of the imports.


Importing apples from these countries can lead to stiff competition for Indian apple growers, negatively impacting the prices and demand for Indian apples.

Payment Safety:  

Importing from untrusted, newer exporter, supplier who don’t know export procedures may be hurdle for importer in terms of monetary, that may lead increase in loss of capital of importer.

Shipping hurdles:  

Sometimes shipping company delayed transit time and if the temperature is not properly set that may damage the goods.

In 2022, India imported approximately 417325 metric tons of apples from different countries. The country-wise import numbers are as follows:
Country Wise Containers 2022
Country NameContainersAmount (million $)
New Zealand73927.62
South Africa166318.79

While we were doing research on this topic, we have taken inputs from one of the top industry leader Mr. Jalaj Mohan who is CEO of Cognify Impex Pvt Ltd and General Secretary of Safe Inco Exporter Connect Council.

“Investing in right trade opportunity and by trusted channel will give the path of growth in Import export business.” Said by Mr. Jalaj Mohan

Cognify Impex Pvt Ltd is a leading importer and exporter of apples from Iran, Turkey, Chile and South Africa. They have created a safe and trusted channel of trade in this sector. Their work procedure involves:

Select the right suppliers:  

They has an extensive network of suppliers in Turkey and Iran. They carefully select their suppliers, keeping in mind the quality, pricing, and reliability of the supplier.

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Quality control measures:

They has a team of experts who conduct quality control checks at every stage of the import process. This ensures that the apples are of the highest quality and meet international standards.

Compliance with regulations:

They complies with all customs and regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free import process.

Logistics and transportation:

Cognify Impex Pvt Ltd has a well-established logistics and transportation network that ensures the timely delivery of the apples to their clients.


Importing apples from Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and Chile provides several benefits to Indian consumers. However, it also comes with several challenges that need to be addressed.

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