Techpally educes AI effects in Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence has found its way into many areas of the economy.

In industry in particular, it is already helping to make production more efficient. But the technology can do much more – including supporting marketing.

 However, skepticism is often great. Is AI really an opportunity in content marketing? Or is it more of a risk?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live and work, says Chaktty.

The possibilities of imitating human intelligence have improved so much in recent years that computers can take over more and more tasks for us, according to Tech pally.

Companies in particular naturally hope that the use of artificial intelligence will boost efficiency.

And indeed, in some areas, robots and computers have increased efficiency in companies – especially in industrial production.

 A study by the VDI Center for Resource Efficiency shows, for example, that the companies surveyed were able to achieve an average resource saving of 3.6 percent through AI.

This value is still very low and is well below the expected value of 9.9 percent; nevertheless, he shows that artificial intelligence can increase efficiency.

The only question is: In which areas can AI be used sensibly to save resources?

According to business pally, Content marketing is still a comparatively young field of application.

 Producing content for content marketing has become more and more of a challenge: teams have to create content faster and faster in order to be able to offer customers information around the clock and at all relevant touchpoints.

In addition, internationalization is progressing. A finished text often has to be tackled again and translated into different languages.

In short: The effort involved in content marketing has increased enormously – and with it the costs.

The use of AI in content marketing is therefore not absurd, but rather a logical consequence.

How can AI be used in content marketing?

Companies that want to integrate artificial intelligence into their content marketing processes have various possible applications.

Text automation in particular is an elementary field here. How text automation – texting with AI – works is described in more detail in our knowledge article.

 When it comes to text automation, AI can help marketing teams create text-based content faster, businesspally.

But AI can also be used in content marketing outside of content production, such as for more intelligent keyword research (you can find an overview of free keyword research tools here ).

For keyword research, the AI ​​engine analyzes thousands of pieces of data in the shortest possible time – keywords can be identified faster and sometimes even more precisely for content.

A third possibility to use AI in content marketing is the intelligent control of content on different channels of a company.

Today, users are increasingly demanding information and content that is tailored to their individual station in the customer journey – keyword: digital customer experience, techpally boss.

Artificial intelligence can use real-time analysis of customer data to help marketing teams automatically output the right content to the relevant channels.

For this purpose, AI technology is integrated into marketing automation tools, for example.

These tools then take over, among other things, the customer analysis and content playout based on the available data.

Conclusion: understand AI in content marketing as an opportunity

Artificial intelligence in content marketing is definitely an opportunity for companies.

Not only can you speed up and simplify content production, but you can also benefit from support with SEO and finding a topic, techpally boss reaffirmed.

 In addition, content can be created in a more targeted manner through data analysis, so that you can reach customers with precisely tailored information.

So far, however, the tools have not been able to replace the editor.

Rather, AI is an essential support in content marketing at a time when content has to be produced faster and more dynamically.

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