Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Budget

Parenting is difficult. At least, for me, it is. The truth is, I see so many people thronging the parenting master-classes. This means there are people like me too. And I am not alone as a parent.

Melissa and I were blessed to become parents 10 years back. We have a son. His name is Ryan. He’s a great guy, indeed. But, somehow, as parents, we don’t feel great about parenting him.

It is because of money troubles, dear readers. I must share that we are working parents. We earn well, but that’s still not enough for Ryan in some ways. We believe so. It’s for poor savings; we couldn’t get him to school in time. Our kid doesn’t know anything about this.

But we feel somehow parenting isn’t enough. And this is when we sat down to think. We discovered something eye-opening. 

The Problem with Parenting and Money 

I still feel I need to amplify my parenting. As crazy as it sounds, Ryan needs us more at this age than later. We don’t want to regret that we didn’t give our son deserved.

Melissa pointed out our limited financial space as a problem. I agree with her completely. However, we both found out later that it was not the real problem.

Can you buy time with money? We came to know that Ryan was feeling lonely. We have solved it, though. We see the value of time in a child’s life.

But we couldn’t give it to him at the early stages. And you all know the answer. It’s: “We’ve been busy at work”.

So, Melissa and I would like to reiterate here. You can help your child grow even if you’re not earning enough. The mind of the child needs support. He or she has questions that need answering. And, for learning, you can give it in a cost-effective way too. 

What’s the State of Kids’ Entertainment Now?

They say you entertain kids. They have fun. Then they learn from it. And here is where parents feel those hiccups. They might say, “I can’t afford my son/daughter’s entertainment”. They are true to some extent. Entertainment isn’t cheap anymore.

Do you want to buy your kid a gaming laptop or a console? It is going to cost you good money. Amusement parks have expensive rates. So, you chose to bring the party to the home. You hire jumping castles, laser tag games, and stuff. And that cost you a good deal of money too.

Will we not entertain our kids, then? We definitely will. We just need to become a little definitive of the situation. A little thinking might help. 

Low-Budget Entertainment for Kids: Do They Matter?

I would say ‘yes’ to that. Again, it comes down to the part of consciousness. If you learn what is best for your child, then you’ll try to get it, don’t you? That’s how things work. It’s how parents work. Deciding on the budget for what makes Ryan feel happy comes later. Mellissa and I had to identify if the entertainment we wanted for him was ‘good’ for him. 

This is eye-opening for us. A kid needs entertainment. But it must be relevant for the youngster. It must bring in values later that the kid can use. The good thing is not all these entertainments are expensive. 

How to Entertain My Child on a Low Budget?

Yes, as a parent, you have to provide your child with vital entertainment. Again, not all ways to refresh the kid are costly. But, even if it is, then you should not frown at it because you earn less. You can take out an instant cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland and that too online. A service like this distributes the money in instalments. So, you can repay quickly. At least your child’s needs aren’t compromised.

But hold on a little! You may not have to take out a loan just now. We do have entertainment ideas for kids in the low-budget range. Read a few of them below:

  • Play indoor games with your child. Start playing table tennis or other fun indoor sports. They are great for a kid. 
  • Go exploring or camping with your kid but do so in moderation. Your kid is not a hiking pro. Take enough safety measures. Train your kid beforehand. Explore, but please don’t go too far. We aren’t superheroes. We’re humans. And we have got to stay safe. 
  • Play cheap or cost-efficient outdoor games with your child. Make them socialise. Invite a handful of friends and their kids. Don’t just throw away a party. It isn’t doing anything special for the youngster.  
  • Take your kid to visually appealing places to draw, paint or take photos. The child will develop a skill. He or she will also be entertained.
  • Read an interesting story to the child every night. Sounds pretty classic? Yeah, right! But if we have got it from our parents, then our children deserve it too.
  • Prioritise mind games and family games than digital gaming. Introduce board games like Chess or Card Games (only trick-taking games and no gambling games). You can play other family games such as Monopoly or Battleship. There is a bunch of games out there to choose from. 
  • Plan a trip to the library with your kid. Help him or her stay close to books. You may also introduce comic books. 
  • Do you have to buy a video game console or a gaming laptop/ phone for your kid? Then wait for a certain age. Set gaming rules. Pick games that are educational along with entertaining.
  • Introduce money to your kid in a fun way. It’s highly empowering. For example, older kids can take out loans like Provident in Ireland if they have some earnings. These are doorstep loans. Your kid can get them without a bank account. Support him or her and teach him about finance management and repayment. It’ll help. 
  • Take care of his physical and mental health. Get a fitness trainer. But your kid can exercise from home through online sessions. Spend quality time with your kid. It will make them feel happy and positive. 

To Conclude 

Read the last sentence again. Above all these ways, giving time reigns supreme. Be there for your kid. Even if he or she grows up, the person may need help. Who else would a child come to first apart from the parents? 

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