Top Places To Visit In Buckingham


Buckingham is a beautiful city, where you can go for a day trip or stay overnight. It’s easy to get around and there are plenty of places to visit. Here are some of my favorite destinations:

The House of Parliament

The House of Parliament is a beautiful building that houses the British Parliament, which has been in operation since 1707. It’s located in London and can be easily accessed by public transportation. If you’re looking to visit this famous landmark, make sure to plan ahead!

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it’s a Grade I listed building that houses many important royal events such as state visits and royal weddings. The palace was originally built by Charles II in 1689 but has been extensively remodeled over time.

Buckingham Palace serves as home to several government departments including:

  • The Royal Household – undergirds all ceremonial duties associated with being part of Her Majesty’s life
  • Diplomatic Service Department – handles consular affairs for overseas countries’ governments
  • Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) – responsible for gathering intelligence on foreign governments etc.

Jorvik Park

Jorvik Park is a park in the centre of the city of York, England. It is situated on the site of the former Roman settlement of Jorvik and was opened in 2002. The name “Jorvik” derives from Old Norse meaning “the home or dwelling place”.

The park has many attractions for visitors including an outdoor theatre, several large play areas for children and adults alike as well as plenty of green space for relaxing after a day’s shopping or sightseeing around York itself.

Bletchley Park and Bletchley Railway Center

Bletchley Park is a National Trust property and one of the most well-known sites in Buckinghamshire. It was used by British intelligence during World War II to crack German codes. The park includes several buildings, some of which are still open to the public, including:

  • Hut 6 – where Alan Turing worked on breaking Enigma;
  • The Tunny Room – where they used bombes (a type of computer) to break messages encrypted by the Germans;
  • A memorial garden honouring all those who served there or worked at Bletchley Park during World War II

Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath

Primrose Hill is a hill in the London Borough of Camden, north London. It is one of several hills that form a ridge running through Hampstead and Primrose Hill. The area has been a location for academic study since at least 1568 when John Gerard used it as a location to write about plants. In 1654, there was an outbreak here which killed many people who were infected with bubonic plague[1] and this led to Elizabeth I ordering that all bodies should be buried within 100 yards of their houses.[2] In 1809, George IV became the first king to visit Primrose Hill when he visited friends during his honeymoon with Mary Curzon.[3]

Hampstead Heath is an open space in north London that covers approximately 1 hectare (2 acres). It’s part on top of Hampstead Heath itself but also extends into parts surrounding Sydenham Hill Road East and Highgate Rise North (where you’ll find some large houses). You can walk along its paths from one end or just take advantage of its huge size!

Marylebone High Street

Marylebone High Street is a shopping street in London. It runs through Marylebone, the district of London that includes Harrow Road, Marylebone Lane and Baker Street.

The high street is home to many famous shops such as Burberry and Cartier, while there are also several restaurants and cafes along its length.

The National History Museum

The National History Museum is a museum in London, England, which houses the national collection of historical objects from the United Kingdom. It is located on Cromwell Road in Kensington and opened its doors in 1927.

The museum has over 5 million items within its collections, including a wide variety of artefacts from prehistory to modern times that illustrate British history from 1066 onwards. There are also many galleries dedicated solely to ancient Egyptian mummies or Victorian cardsharpers’ tools; these may be worth visiting if you’re interested in such things!

Buckingham is a beautiful city, where you can go for a day trip or stay overnight.

Buckingham is a beautiful city, where you can go for a day trip or stay overnight. The city has many attractions that make it worth visiting.

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I hope you will make the most of these places and visit them during your vacation.

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