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Uxbridge is a town in the borough of Hillingdon in Greater London, England. It has a population of around 81,000 people. Uxbridge lies on the north bank of the River Chess and is bounded by Ruislip-Northwood and Harefield to the west, Yiewsley and West Drayton to the south east and Hayes to the east. It is roughly equidistant between Harrow on the Hill (12 miles) and Hayes (13 miles).

Uxbridge Abbey

Uxbridge Abbey is a ruined abbey in Uxbridge, Greater London, England. It was founded by the Benedictine monks of St Peter’s Abbey in Ghent in 1120.

Uxbridge Abbey was the largest monastery in Middlesex and one of the richest country houses on earth at its height. The abbey was dissolved during Henry VIII’s Dissolution of The Monasteries under Edward VI (1547), but survived until 1605 when it passed into private hands who sold it to Sir Francis Fane for £8,000 who later demolished most buildings except part of one wall which still stands today at “Old Hall Farm” estate next door where they now live!

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a museum and visitor attraction in Hendon, London. It was opened to the public by Queen Elizabeth II on 6 September 2006. The museum is dedicated to the Battle of Britain, which was fought between July and October 1940 during World War II.

The museum has been designed by architects Mott MacDonald Ltd with an attendance capacity of around 1 million visitors per year (nearly twice as many as Wembley Stadium), making it the largest airfield memorial in Europe.[1] It houses some 75 aircraft representing every type flown during that period—from Spitfire Mk Is down through Hurricanes Mk XIIs to de Havilland Sea Hornet F8s; plus one Lancaster bomber complete with its bomb load ready for action should any visitor fancy taking off for France!

Uxbridge Racecourse

Uxbridge Racecourse is a good place to go for a walk, picnic or ride on horseback. The racetrack is located near the town centre and has been open since 1864. It has been used for various sporting events including greyhound racing, fox hunting and flat racing among others.

Bicester Village

Bicester Village is a shopping centre located in the town of Bicester. It’s the largest shopping centre in the UK and it’s home to over 230 stores, cafés and restaurants. Bicester Village was originally built as an open air market for farmers who sold their goods on Saturday mornings. It has since developed into one of the largest freestanding retail parks in Europe with over 30 million visitors every year!

The main attraction at Bicester Village is its large selection of shops and restaurants; there are over 300 separate units including mainstream high street brands such as Boots, Superdrug and Next along with niche retailers such as Goldsmiths Jewellery Store or TK Maxx which offer everything from clothing to electronics at affordable prices.*

The Crooked House (formerly the Cadbury family home)

The Crooked House is a former Cadbury family home and gardens in Uxbridge, Berkshire. Built around 1755 by Cadbury’s grandfather John Baskerville (and later occupied by his descendants), it is now a Grade II listed building and museum open to the public.

The house has been restored to its 18th-century appearance from when it was first built but also incorporates modern features such as electric lighting throughout the building, heating for winter months, an automatic lawnmowing system for the gardens and access ramps for disabled visitors. It also houses a collection of over 30 artworks donated by members of its present owners who have spent much time travelling around Britain looking at different styles of architecture through history – including Egyptian temples; classical Greek temples; medieval castles; Georgian houses etc…

Uxbridge Taxis: Your Comfortable Transport for a Perfect Tour

If you are looking for a reliable, comfortable and cost-effective way to travel around the town, then taxis are definitely the way to go. The best thing about them is that they can be hired from any place in Uxbridge!

Taxi in Uxbridge drivers are very friendly and will help you get where you want with no hassles at all. In fact, since there are so many people visiting this place every day, it’s easy for us to find someone who speaks English well enough so that we don’t have any problems communicating with them when we need rides from one place to another!


Uxbridge is a great place to visit, and you should definitely make the effort to go. There are so many tourist attractions that it’s hard to choose just one! You could spend all day at one of those places, or you could spend two days visiting multiple places. Either way, you’ll have a great time in Uxbridge.


Uxbridge is a beautiful, historic town. It has a lot of places to visit, and all are worth visiting. Our list includes some of the most popular ones:

Section: The Middlesex Canal

The Middlesex Canal is one of the best places in Uxbridge to visit. It runs from Uxbridge to London via Sawbridgeworth and Epping Forest. The canal was built in 1712 by James Cromwell who wanted an easy way for goods from London and other cities across Britain to arrive safely on our shores without having first had to go through customs checks at Dover Castle.

It was closed in 1984 after being damaged by subsidence and then declared ‘navigable’ again in 1991 when repairs were completed around Paddington Basin station along with other parts of the canal network including sections at Little Venice where boaters can moor their barges while they explore London’s waterways – because they don’t want tourists setting off fireworks inside there! This enables them (and us) get closer into this wonderful place without going too far away though some attractions may require registration or paying entrance fees before entering certain areas such as here – which happens when people want another view point overlooking this famous landmark too!

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