What Is Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing?

An SMS broadcast is a technique for sending text messages to numerous receivers as opposed to the one intended recipient.

Businesses and organisations utilise this method of delivering SMS, sometimes referred to as mass texting or bulk SMS, to send notifications, communicate information, automate transactions, and send out marketing messages. You may send SMS broadcasts in real-time or in advance with automatic messaging using Simple Texting’s simple interface.

The most effective technique to get in touch with a large number of receivers while avoiding the time and effort of doing it individually is by sending an SMS broadcast. You may quickly transmit pictures, GIFs, and URLs via SMS and MMS, which are both available.

A Broadcast Text Message: What Is It?

Broadcast texts, also known as bulk texts, are typically delivered using five- or six-digit numbers known as shortcodes. Someone must knowingly choose to join your list or opt-in to receive your messages for you to send them a broadcast message. You lower your chance of receiving a spam SMS report in this manner.

In addition to preventing the sharing of group information, this method of communication enables you to exchange photographs, GIFs, links, and other content via SMS and MMS messages. 

On an iPhone or an Android device, can you send broadcast text messages?

You cannot broadcast messages using a standard Android or iPhone. Only up to 100 contacts can be included in a group SMS message on your phone. Need to send out an SMS message to a large number of people? To ensure delivery and manage contacts, you would then require a commercial SMS service like Guni SMS.

Why You Should Use Us for SMS Broadcasting

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1. Assistance From Experts

When you have questions or need advice from professionals, our top-notch customer service team is always here to help.

2. SMS Notifications, Made Simple

We designed our platform with those who are busy in mind. In less than 15 minutes, you may create an account and send your first broadcast message.

3. Our SMS Broadcast Rates

Our price is not difficult. Just the messages you send are charged. Additionally, you have the option to stop or cancel your account at any moment.

How Can Broadcast Texting Be Used?

Broadcast texting can be useful for almost any company, group, or organisation. Here are some strategies you may use to use this style of mass communication and keep your audience interested and informed.

1. Individual Messaging

You may quickly give customer service by answering queries, resolving any problems, and communicating with the people on your text list. In actuality, 45% or so of recipients of branded text blasts reply to them. 

You may easily hold private chats with Guni’s broadcast messaging platform because any incoming messages you receive won’t count against your message allotment. We’ll create a private thread in your inbox if one of your contacts replies to a text so you can quickly manage communications and view the message history.

2. Promotions and Marketing

Broadcast texting is frequently used for marketing and promotional objectives. Nearly everyone uses a smartphone today. 92% of Americans already have a text-enabled phone, and 77% of people are anticipated to own a smartphone by 2025.

The popularity and dependability of texting present a lucrative potential for marketers, especially if automated workflows are used to save even more time. Establish triggers for the distribution of coupons, QR codes, surveys, competitions, and more, and then let your broadcast texting drive visitors to any destination you choose, be it a specific website or a real location. 

3. Internal Communications

Using broadcast texting to keep your team organised can be immensely helpful. Mass texting streamlines internal communication for a variety of purposes, including calendar changes, last-minute change notifications, and even the application process for new hiring. 

Additionally, you don’t have to worry if an employee replies to the entire group if they ask you a question or asks for a shift change in your private inbox. 

4. Take Feedback

Since 95% of consumers now check reviews before making a purchase, they are more significant than ever. Furthermore, 67% of individuals claim that even high ratings aren’t trustworthy if they don’t also include written reviews. 

After a consumer purchases a good or service, you can easily follow up with them via broadcast messaging and ask for a review submission. You can even include a link to your preferred review platform. It’s an efficient technique to boost the reputation of your company and monitor consumer satisfaction. 

What distinguishes an SMS broadcast text from a group text?

The same message chain contains all of the group texts that are sent and received. A group text allows participants to view every message sent to each other, but an SMS gateway creates distinct message chains between your business and each recipient. Only you and the recipient can see what has been said.

Why Choose Guni for Text Broadcasting?

Guni delivers an all-in-one platform for all of your requirements for broadcast text messaging as the recognised industry leader in SMS marketing. 

Among our most well-liked attributes and capabilities are:

  • Automated processes 
  • Integrated compliance
  • Devoted internal support
  • A certain mobile app
  • Extensive analytics
  • Private messaging

Are you willing to discover more about what we can provide? Start the process right away, find out more about broadcast messaging, or contact our staff right away. 

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