What is The Difference Between Full Highlights and Balayage?

Full highlights and balayage are both highlights, but they have different purposes. Full highlights are a great way to add a little more sun to your hair if you want a bright, summery look. Balayage hair color is more of a subtle change–it’s meant to make your hair look like it has been touched up with light blonde or platinum tones. Highlights are all through the hair or just in specific sections.

They can be different colors – highlights, lowlights different colors are often used in highlights. Balayage typically just in the front section of the hair, front to the ear and not farther) and it’s usually just shades of blonde.

Full highlights and balayage are both hair color treatments that involve applying a high-intensity lightener to the hair, which causes it to grow back with a more vibrant shade. However, they differ in how they’re applied and what they do to the hair.

Full highlights involve using a mix of lighteners and dyes on each section of your hair to achieve the desired look. In contrast, balayage involves only one step–applying a layer of bleach onto the scalp area before applying dye onto the rest of the hair. The result is that full highlights give you more control over what color you’ll end up with; whereas balayage gives you more versatility when it comes time to choose an overall color for yourself. Full highlights and balayage are two different procedures that can be performed on the hair.

Balayage Hair color

Full highlights are a process in which you dye all of your hair, but leave some areas lighter than others. This is done to make your hair look brighter, or to create a natural color shift. Full highlights are usually done on clients who have blonde hair, so they can add more warmth to their look by adding darker roots.

Balayage is a technique that uses lightning agents to give clients with darker hair more vibrancy and life. The lightning agents are applied evenly throughout the length of the client’s hair, rather than just at the ends where it would show up as a highlight (which might be too obvious).

Balayage is typically used for clients with darker hair but who want a brighter color without having to go through the process of full highlights. Full highlights and balayage are two different types of hair coloring. Full highlights are a more traditional method of coloring hair, while balayage is a newer method that uses less product to achieve a more natural look. It depends on what you want the hair to look like. If you have grey hair you are better off with highlights. Balayage is not to the root and the grey will be more noticeable.

Balayage highlights

Balayage is also done at room temp. So if you are a level 5 or darker you will not get platinum blonde in one sitting. You can with highlights foil and heat. Full highlights can be used on all hair types and tones, but they’re most commonly done on blonde or light brown hair.

Full highlights add bright highlights throughout your hair, making it appear brighter than it is. Balayage is more subtle and gives an evened-out look to the color of your hair. It’s best for darker shades of blonde or brunette hair because it leaves no areas where your natural hair color shows through.

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